[Samba] Visual Source Save and samba

Helen Nulty hnulty at email.unc.edu
Thu Jul 11 11:03:14 GMT 2002

For the record, we discovered the solution to our problem is:
security mask = 0777
force security mode = 0777
directory security mask = 0777
force directory security mode = 0777

Our settings were: 0750 for each.
Our Visual SourceSafe is version 6.0.

We hope this helps someone else.

Helen Nulty

Helen Nulty wrote:

> Is anyone out there running Microsoft's Visual Source Save
> with a samba share?
> We are doing so here and are encountering difficulties.  The
> "working directory" is a samba share.  It seems that VSS is
> not manipulating file permissions appropriately when items
> are checked in and out.  User always has write access to the
> item.  Is anyone using MS VSS successfully with samba and
> care to share their secrets?
> samba 2.2.4 running on solaris 2.6
> MS Visual Source Save version? (not sure)
> MS VSS clients on NT 4 and Win2000
> Thanks in advance,
> Helen
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