[Samba] Strange log message

Kris Kelley skunkworx at kingwoodcable.com
Thu Jul 11 06:13:02 GMT 2002

Hello all.

Yesterday a curious error was logged by a Samba client running on a Red
Hat 7.1 box runing Samba 2.2.4, and mounting shares hosted by a Win2k

   Jul 10 16:02:47 linux-two smb_file_read:
      cur/1025715495.1941.linux-two validation failed, error=4294967294

I searched through the mailing list archives and found a message
detailing similar validation errors a person was seeing.  The reply
suggested that the validation was failing because the network connection
had been dropped.  I'm not sure of that's the case here because I did
not see any other logs suggesting that the network connection had been
dropped and/or reestablished; in fact, that was the only Samba-related
line in the system logs all day yesterday.

This is the first time I have seen this particular error, and we have
been using Samba here for several weeks now.  Should I be worried?

Also, is there any documentation about the various errors that can pop
up in the log files.  I know most of them can be explained by looking up
the error codes, but this one threw me for a loop.

Thanks for the help!

---Kris Kelley

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