[Samba] Silly question??

Darryl Harvey darryl at harvey.net.au
Thu Jul 11 04:59:07 GMT 2002

Ok, so this may be silly question, but I can't find the answer anywhere 
I've looked.

I have Samba up and running. I have manually added users and all are 
working great.

My question is simple, whats the easiest way to add users?

If they exist inthe /etc/passwd file, I suppose that running "smbpasswd -a 
username" is the best option to add the user...

Can this be done via any means apart from a shell session ??

I want to pass this machine over to a non-linux person and making them open 
up a shell session and enter commands as root scares me...

What options do I have?

Also as a side note, how do users change their passwords?  Do they also 
need a shell session to initiate smbpasswd ?   or is there some other method?


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