[Samba] profile problem

Johann N. Schmidt jns at computerlabor.math.uni-kiel.de
Thu Jul 11 03:43:02 GMT 2002


i am experiencing the following problem with windows 2k / samba:

roaming profiles are in use. after logon of a user, a local copy of the
roaming profile is created, which is not deleted after logout.

the reg_dword DeleteRoamingCache is set to hex 1 in
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Mircosoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon

when looking at my computer (context) properties, tab profiles, they appear
to be deleted, but when looking the source path, the profile files are still
in place, sometimes with incrementing expansions, like
szrzs101 and szrzs101.GEOGRAPHEN.000

when trying to manually delete the profiles i get the error (translated
from german, might not be the correct english text) "Adobe PhotoShop can
not be deleted: access denied. The file is possibly in use".

I made sure that the file is not in use. Restarting of samba server, having
no user online and restarting the local workstation does not affect this.

any ideas ?

regards, johann

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