[Samba] [semi-ot] Printing w/ NT, automated driver download and modifying printer settings

Erlend Mjaavatten mjaavatt at stud.ntnu.no
Thu Jul 11 01:42:18 GMT 2002

> > BUT: Printer hardware settings are stored in the user profile. So, the
> > printer admins can set up their printer config properly, everyone else is
> > glued to the default settings (which are partly wrong). (NOT OK. BAD. :])
> Don't see that situation at all. When the driver is configured by the
> printer admin it is instantly changed for all users on the domain.

Through quite a lot of trial and error I found that both the version of
samba and the driver are factors in the success of printer driver settings
getting all the way to the client.

I realize that the following paragraph is a bit specific to my setup but
it's obviously the setup I know best.

Using samba 2.2.5 (with jerry's patch)

 * Xerox Docucenter 230 (both PCL and PS) 
   Works perfectly, all settings are visible to all users.

 * HP Laserjet 4050/4100 (PCL and PS)
   The devicemode is not working correctly. I the settings (eg. duplex) is
   correct in the properties sheet of the 'Printers' window both on the
   local machine and on the server, but when you go to the print dialog
   from an application all settings are gone.

Using samba 2.2.2

 * All the above drivers are working perfectly.

Upgrading to samba 2.2.3 or any newer version breaks the functionality of the HP driver.

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