[Samba] migration from nt4 pdc to samba ldap pdc

Philipp Hellmich Philipp.Hellmich at stua-lp.nrw.de
Thu Jul 11 01:38:02 GMT 2002


I installed a Redhat Samba (Version 2.2.5) LDAP Pdc with the idealx manual.
All User and Computer accounts were exported by pwdump2 and imported by  
smbldap-migrate-accounts. (the domain is the same)

But when I power off the NT PDC and boot the Linux pdc the Windows NT4 Clients 
cannot login, "computer account was not found in domain". When I remove the 
computer from the domain, put it in a test workgroup and "rejoin" it to the 
domain then the computer can successfully logon to the domain.
Samba creates an emty logfile (computername.log), so I think it is not a samba 
problem, or?

But I do not want to remove, rejoin the computer. I want to shutdown the nt 
pdc and boot the linux pdc, I do not want to change something on the windows 
nt workstation. (because we have over 150 nt clients)

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help

Philipp Hellmich

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