[Samba] Browsing works, only Samba servers show up

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Wed Jul 10 12:50:09 GMT 2002

I have seen win9x and win2k boxes not show up in network neighborhood if 
they had no open shares. I believe the rationale is... if they aren't 
offering anything to the network, then why list them?

Also, make sure the wins servers are listed in the ipconfig (or winipcfg 
under 9x). You may need to reboot for them to register themselves with 
the wins service.

Hope this helps.

Eric Anderson
Systems / Security Administrator
21st Century Electronics

Brad Christian wrote:

>I have a Samba 2.2.1a PDC-based 
>network, everything works great. 
>Browsing works fine too, but ONLY 
>the Samba servers show up.
>I have a PDC w/ WINS and 2 Samba 
>file servers
>I can do a search for other 
>computers, but they just aren't 
>being listed from win2k and 98 
>machine's network neighborhood.
>I put browse list = yes, but no 
>dice. Any ideas?
>Brad Christian

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