[Samba] Merging shares

Michael Stein Michael.Stein at Q9.com
Wed Jul 10 05:10:02 GMT 2002

I actually have the maximum # of disks for that server.  I think that I will
try the using msdfs through samba.
Has anyone used this successfully?  Any comments?

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I think that would work, but why not just splurge on another drive?  Then
you could create symlinks within one system and you would save the expense
of buying another server.  just a thought.

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I am in a position where my current file server is filling up.  I want to
create another fileserver with more space, but I still want to present one
common share.  How can I do this with Samba?

I thought that I could simply NFS mount the second server to the first
server and then simply perform sym-links from within the main share to the
nfs mounted file system.  Would this work?

I would appreciate any comments. 


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