[Samba] 'Not listening for calling name'

Vicky Clarke vclarke at frontier.co.uk
Wed Jul 10 02:45:01 GMT 2002

At 11:09 09/07/2002 -0700, you wrote:

>I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but on my Linux
>system, the line for (localhost) does not appear.

The same problem was occurring before I added the localhost line, that was 
just one of the suggestions Google Groups came up with as to what might help.

> > added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
>This looks suspect.  First, if you want this network to
>be private, your address should be in the range of 172.16.[0-31].x,
>not 172.16.17.*.*.

OK; I picked 172.17.<foo> using the selector at 
http://www.ucam.org/cam-grin/ , which happens to be run by someone I 
usually trust to be competent in this respect. RFC1918 seems to say that 
anything from - (ie. 172.16/12 prefix) is valid 
as a private address range; have I missed something / is the selector 
giving out bogus ranges?

>Then set your broadcast and netmask appropriately.
>For my 172.16.1.x network, I have:
>         bcast =
>         netmask =
>(This is using a class C address space, which is all I need here.
>But it looks like you are using a classless system there.)

I'm assuming that since I don't recognise what you're talking about, I must 
be missing something. Our network is a little complicated (and I freely 
admit I'm not the most clueful of DNS admins): we only actually use three 
subnets, 172.17.1.x, 172.17.2.x and 172.17.3.x, which was originally the 
reason for the hacky netmask.


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