[Samba] W2K connectivity problems

Steinrotter, Michael michael.steinrotter at it.sglcarbon.de
Wed Jul 10 02:10:43 GMT 2002

Dear Sirs,

I have set up a Samba 2.2.3 server on a SuSE 7.3 platform. Client is a W2K
box, SP 2.

Everything work fine with one big exception:

	if I try to save a file bigger than 15 kB the W2K locks and after
some 30 seconds reports one of the typical Bill 	Gates Messages '
..... path too long'

	Updating Windows Explorer (F5), the file is shown on the Samba
directories but not any longer accessible from
	W2K. From Linux I can see and access the files and they have also
the correct dimensions. 

	I guess this is a W2K problem rather than Samba. Do You have any
idea about possible fixes? I attach also the 	currently used smb.conf.

Thank You & kindest regards,

Michael Steinrotter
via Pisacane, 5
I - 20016 Pero (MI)
tel.:	 ..39 02 33951724
fax: 	 ..39 02 33951722
e-mail	michael.steinrotter at it.sglcarbon.de

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