Automatic driver downloads (was: [Samba] [semi-ot] Printing w/ NT, automated driver download and modifying printer settings)

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Tue Jul 9 20:50:03 GMT 2002

Many of us could prattle on about how we got our printer drivers to download
to the clients automatically, but to head off a possible shortage of "bits",
I would direct you to the documentation where the issue is dealt with in
precise fashion.

Look for /samba-2.2.x/docs/htmldocs/printer_driver2.html on your box. I
suppose you could find that on the samba site as well, or better yet google
the filename.

Your issue is a permissions issue *imho*.

Go therefore and sin no more.

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Subject: Automatic driver downloads (was: [Samba] [semi-ot] Printing w/ NT,
automated driver download and modifying printer settings)

> Elsewhere on the list, Andreas K. Huettel wrote:
> > I've configured Samba for automated printer driver download by all
> > clients. However, I run into the following problem with NT4/2000/XP
> > computers:
> >
> > Every user can connect to any printer and install the driver. (OK.)
> Ah...if only I could get that far along, I'd be a happy man.  Could you
> perhaps shed some light on how you got things to work?
> I have a Samba server (2.2.5) that also runs CUPS.  The printer is an HP
> 4550N printer connected via TCP (the printer has a JetDirect card
> attached).  I can print directly from the server ('lp' for
> example).  I can also print from remote clients--if I manually install
> drivers for the printer first.  Finally, I am able to 'upload' drivers to
> the samba server.
> The remote clients are currently just Windows 2000 boxes, and there will
> be NT4.0 boxes later on
> What I cannot do is twofold:
> 1)  Automatically download drivers to clients.  When I try to add the
> printer, I get a pop-up box reading:
> "The server on which the printer resides does not have the correct
> printer driver installed.  If you want to install the driver on
> your local computer, click OK."
> On clicking OK, you get the usual 'add printer wizard' dialogue box, and
> if I choose, I can add the correct drivers.
> 2)   There appear to be permission problems somewhere as well.  After
> uploading the drivers, I am unable choose one for the printer to actually
> use.  The drivers loaded on the server correctly appear in the 'Advanced'
> tab of the printer properties window, but when I click 'OK' or 'Apply', a
> dialogue box appears reading:
> "Printer settings could not be saved.  Access is denied."
> I find this curious for a few reasons:  I am logged in a Administrator on
> the W2K box,  The Admin. user is mapped to root on the Samba server, the
> permissions are such that anyone can read the driver files on the Samba
> server, and anyone can read the /var/cache/samba files as needed.   Lastly
> (and strangest), I *can* modify the options in the Security tab, and have
> set full access to "Everyone" (print, manage jobs, and manage printers).
> Snippits from smb.conf:
> [global]
>         load printers = yes
>         printcap name = lpstat
>         printing = cups
>         printer admin = @wheel, @printers
>         addprinter command = cupsaddsmb
> [printers]
>         comment = All Printers
>         path = /var/spool/samba
>         browseable = no
>         guest ok = no
>         writable = no
>         printable = yes
>         create mode = 740
>         printing = cups
> [print$]
>         comment = printer drivers
>         path = /etc/samba/drivers
>         browsable = yes
>         guest ok = no
>         read only = yes
>         write list = root, @wheel, @printers
> Any suggestions or ideas that people may have would be more than welcome.
> I've checked the mailing list for things along these lines, but none of
> them seem to quite apply. :-/
> Thanks,
> --Jesse
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