[Samba] smbpasswd command won't work

Herb Lewis herb at sgi.com
Tue Jul 9 11:34:20 GMT 2002

The man page for smbpasswd(5) states 

          Lanman Password Hash
               This is the LANMAN hash of the user's password, encoded
               as 32 hex digits. The LANMAN hash is created by DES
               encrypting a well known string with the user's password
               as the DES key. This is the same password used by
               Windows 95/98 machines. Note that this password hash is
               regarded as weak as it is vulnerable to dictionary
               attacks and if two users choose the same password this
               entry will be identical (i.e. the password is not
               "salted" as the UNIX password is). If the user has a
               null password this field will contain the characters
               "NO PASSWORD" as the start of the hex string. If the
               hex string is equal to 32 'X' characters then the
               user's account is marked as disabled and the user will
               not be able to log onto the Samba server.

All X's mean a disabled account. The following entry means no password


jchurch at gprep.org wrote:
>   I am trying to setup a /etc/smbpasswd file for my users.  I use the
> following command to create the /etc/smbpasswd file
> cat /etc/passwd | ./mksmbpasswd.sh >  /etc/smbpasswd
> Redhat 7.1, samba 2.2.5
> I thought that users could log onto the linux system and simply type the
> command:
> smbpasswd
> and it would ask for the new password.  But it asks for an OLD password
> which never works.  I thought the XXXXXX's meant it would not ask for old
> passwords.
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