[Samba] roaming profiles and netscape bookmarks file

Janet Dickson janet at bioss.sari.ac.uk
Tue Jul 9 08:38:02 GMT 2002


I have another problem which has manifest itself since upgrading to
samba 2.2.5.

When Win2K and XP users who run netscape 6 or 7 on their PCs load their
roaming profiles, Windows gives a message 

'Cannot copy \\samba\<user>\profiles\.....\bookmarks.html to
and gives the user a default user profile.
Delete the bookmarks file from the server and the roaming profile then
loads OK. However, when you log off, it copies the bookmarks.html file
back to
the server - so it cannot copy it again at the next login.

Yes, roaming profiles are definitley on their way out :-(


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