[Samba] Oplocks - samba 2.2.4 & Windows 2000 server

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Tue Jul 9 02:41:02 GMT 2002

Beware of oplocks. They often cause a lot of trouble (file corruption). This
happens even in all windows environment, according to people on this list.
The worse the network the more the trouble. And, they may degrade
performance and increase network traffic, again, according to some people on
this list. I would look at the samba  mail archives before you try to enable
To paraphrase a well know English author:
Oplocks are more honored in the disabling of them.

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 09:42:30AM +0100, Peter Polkinghorne wrote:
> In investigating some performance issues (elderly server with just 10Mbps
> ethernet), I noticed that smbstatus reported hardly any open files with
> oplocks.  In particular files opened with Office 2000 & XP stay un-oplocked.
> I have checked and testparm claims oplocks are enabled and manual says this
> is so by default.
> The clients are all Windows 2000 servers - so we have 1 samba connection with
> multiple users. The Samba servers are 2.2.4 on Solaris 2.6.
> I am concerned because this means excess data traffic and lost opportunity
> for performance boost.
> Is there something on the Windows side I need to do?  I assume Samba is OK
> (initially thought not as thought no oplocks being used ...)
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