[Samba] Smbmount (2.2.3a) and windows

Bill Parker dogbert at netnevada.net
Mon Jul 8 16:08:03 GMT 2002

Hi All,

	We changed out our main web server this morning in favor of linux/apache,
and everything was working well, except that we make smbmounts to the old
web server (it's xxx.xxx.xxx.51 now), the apache web server is xxx.xxx.xxx.2,
and when xxx.xxx.xxx.51 died, all the machines communicating with it (via
smbmount) stopped responding EXCEPT for the apache web server, which was
issuing retries.

	The Win2K machine (xxx.xxx.xxx.51) had two IP addresses assigned to it
initiall (.51 and .2), and we removed .2 this morning, w/OUT restarting the 
machine.  What I would like to know is what allowed the apache machine to 
retrying the connection, but the other machines (running a java application 
files on .51) to stop working (df -h just hung the terminal session), 
etc.  There was
NO way to regain control of the boxes at all?

	Anyone have any ideas?


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