[Samba] Smbfs crashes

Lasse Karkkainen tronic2 at sci.fi
Mon Jul 8 14:25:03 GMT 2002


The problem appears to be the same I reported months ago:

My Linux box (Hedronn) has //Delenn/C and //Delenn/D mounted to 
/mnt/delenn1 and /mnt/delenn2.

I have a music player running on Hedronn almost 24/7, but Delenn runs 
W98 and thanks to that crashes quite often. The music played comes from 
//Delenn/D. Hedronn has probably been playing music from there when 
Delenn crashed, and now /mnt/delenn2 hangs all programs trying to access 
it. This includes ls /mnt/delenn2 and even df. Those programs cannot be 
terminated with ^C nor kill -9. Umount doesn't work either (says that 
the device is busy). It seems that reboot is the only way to fix it.

/mnt/delenn1 (//Delenn/C), that is almost never used for anything, works 

I have seen this with kernels 2.4.17, 2.4.18 and now 2.5.24. Smbfs is 
built to the kernel (not module).

Any suggestions?

- Tronic -

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