[Samba] Is Samba running on a Dual boot system while using w2k ?

Sean Elble spelble at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 8 12:36:04 GMT 2002

You are correct. If you are running Windows 2000, then Linux
is not running, and thus Samba is not running. I vaguely
recall some utilities that would allow a Windows system to
read a Linux ext2 partition, but I don't recall the name of
the utility, or the link, so it might not even exist. :-)
Bad memory, bad memory. Your best bet for data exchange
would to setup a partition easily accessible by either side,
such as a FAT partition; you would lose access control
(ownership, etc) features, but it would enable data sharing
between the two sides. Hope that helps.

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Hi all,

I'm new to Linux and Samba. I have two seperate hard drives,
one has w2k
and the other Red Hat Linux 7.3. Yessterday I struggeled to
make the
SWAT work. Then I realized that now I need to learn how to
use SWAT.
Before I invest time in learning how to use SWAT, my
question is if I
using w2k, can I access the hard drive that Linux is on and
vice versa.
Theis question came to my mind because I have dual boot
system. I don't
have two sperate machine running w2k and linux. So if I'm
running w2k
then I guess my Samba server is not running. Am I right or


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