[Samba] Setting file permissions through SAMBA

C.J. Keist cjay at engr.colostate.edu
Mon Jul 8 10:21:04 GMT 2002

I've tried the samba lists but have not gotten any response for my 
problem.  This looks to be a bug.
All our user files are accessed through SAMBA on our main file servers, one 
is Linux RH7.2 and the second one is a Solaris system running Solaris 
8.  The problem we're seeing is that when some one creates a file for their 
web page, they have to set the permission on the file to rw for owner and r 
for group and Everyone.  When you look at the file in UNIX it does show the 
correct permissions, but the Web server says it cannot access the 
file.  The web server accesses user's personnel web pages via NFS.  The 
file shows  the correct permission on the Web server too.  The only way to 
get the web server (Apache) to access their page is to do a "chmod 644" in 
UNIX again.  After that the apache web server can access their files.
So it looks like SAMBA is changing the permission on the files, but is 
missing a step somewhere.  Like its not sending a signal or something to 
notify the system that the file permissions have changed.
This is not an Apache problem as I can "su" to the apache user (or any 
other user) and not be able to 'more' the file.  Even though it has read 
permission for everyone.  This looks to be a problem where the files are 
accessed via NFS.  Changing permissions on files local to the web server 
works fine.

SAMBA version: 2.2.4 and 2.2.5

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