[Samba] XP: Setting Printer Properties on Samba Printer

Paul Cochrane paul at tortc.tuht.scot.nhs.uk
Mon Jul 8 08:21:01 GMT 2002

I've having a few problems with printer properties on XP Clients 
(can't select duplex printing on a network printer). All applications do 
not offer the appropriate duplex options on selecting the printer 
properties (e.g Notepad). This is strange cause the correct options 
do appear in the 'Printer Preferences' dialog if you go in from the 

I remember just after the last release that one of the samba 
developers posted some printing fixes to the 2.2.5 source 
somewhere. Can someone point me in the right direction where 
these patches are (cause I can't find them) and I'll see if that fixes 
the problems I've been having.


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