[Samba] Connexion to W2000

Chris Smith chris at realcomputerguy.com
Mon Jul 8 07:13:02 GMT 2002

On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 07:38, Joyce LAMBERT wrote:
> Hello
> I'am trying to join a domain with a windows2000. Samba is on a RH 7.2 and configure like the docs i can found on the Web. But when a try to configure the connexion on the W2000 and give the root passwd  i found an erreur message "The account used is a computer account. Use a user global or local account to join this server"
> What does it mean computer account global or local i don't understand if the probleme is on my W2000 machine or in my configuration of samba. I know that if i give a bad password the message is different so i think W2000 and samba good communicate

I think that particular error message can be misleading as problems with
the machine account can trigger it.
Just yesterday I was moving a client from an NT4 domain to a Samba
domain and used my typical "add user" script in the smb.conf file and
received that same error when trying to join the domain. Typing the "add
user" script in a terminal session showed me the error. In my case I was
assigning the group id to 200 (-g 200) which was a group that didn't
exist on the Samba host (instead of the standard group 100 - "users", I
usually set up a "machines" group which becomes the default group for
all of the Samba systems) as I had neglected to create it. Once the
"machines" group at id 200 was created, all was fine.
Look for any problem that might prevent a proper account for the system
from being created.


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