[Samba] Samba PDC SSL with Windows Client

macgiver macgiver at unixpert.be
Mon Jul 8 03:46:02 GMT 2002


I configured samba successfully with ssl and is acting as a PDC for 
Windows NT/2k/XP clients. Linux clients using smbclient or smbfs can 
connect to it, but how about windows?
How can a windows box connect to a samba server which is acting as a PDC 
running with SSL?
Is there any way in windows to add the Certification Authority so that 
when browsing to the samba server which is a PDC with ssl can connect 
without any problem?

Or anyone can suggest me a better idea to connect a samba server to 
windows clients on an encrypted connection on a Local Area Network 
(Nope, not ipsec nor vpn, don 't have multiple networks)


Thanks in advance for a reply!!


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