[Samba] Samba 2.2.5 - Swat Died

Keith Rinaldo rinaldok at egr.unlv.edu
Sun Jul 7 19:43:02 GMT 2002

I'm not a Red Hat user (I prefer Debian...), but I know that in a lot of my
clients' places where we have Red Hat set up, upgrades to RH tend to be
troublesome -- RH has a habit of changing security settings and parameters
without notifying the end users.  I would start by checking your inetd.conf
(or xinetd.conf if that's what RH ships now) and make sure it's still set up
to accept the connection on 901 and fire up SWAT.  You might also want to
make sure that inetd is running.  'chkconfig --list | grep inetd' should do
it on RH -- make sure it's set ON for the appropriate run levels.

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> I upgraded this morning to 2.2.5 on both my Linux boxes (Red Hat 7.3)
> and now SWAT doesn't work. I have it setup to start on a reboot and I've
> tried force turning it off and then turning it back on. I can't even
> connect on the actual Linux box, let alone the Windows machines that I
> used to be able to connect with.
> I get that the connection was 'broken' for port 901. What can I do to
> repair this?
> Thanks! :)
> Jim Hale
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