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Andre Bialojahn andre.bialojahn--samba at exmail.de
Sat Jul 6 12:54:02 GMT 2002

Dear all.

Since English is the primary language of this list, I'll try
to do a rough translation from French. Maybe, someone is
able to help Willy.

Please excuse any possible mistakes. I'm a native German
speaking person.

Maybe someone (en-fr, canadien, mybe?) would like to have a
quick look at my translation (fr-de-en). I'm almost sure that
there will be mistakes.
My French ain't that good, anymore... :-(

Kind regards,

@ Willy:
OBTW: From all that I know about samba, you're quite right, here.
If you should have further questions regarding this topic, please
try to write in English.

--- 8< ---      --- 8< ---
Willy Akenade wrote:

>      A monsieur Andrew

Attn: Mr. Andrew

> Je suis étudiant en fin de cycle de formation en
> infomatique à l'institut Africain d'informatique de
> Libreville.

I'm a student of computer science at the african institute of
CS of Libreville, close to the end of my studies.

> J'étais sur vos sites et je suis persuadés
> que vous êtes la personne la bien placée pour
> m'orienter et m'aider sur un sujet concernant
> "l'authentification linux des sessions windows".

I've been to your websites and I'm convinced that you are
the person which is most suitable for addressing and helping
me on a subject regarding "authenticating linux against
windows sessions".

(or maybe, it's just the other way 'round, I'm not so sure at
this point, translator's remark)

> Ainsi on me demande de concevoir et de mettre en oeuvre un
> système permettant aux utilisateurs windows d'avoir accès
> aux ressorces linux et que les utilisateurs linux puissent
> aussi avoir accès aux ressources windows.

Furthermore, one asked me to design and implement a system
which permits windows-based computers to have access to
the ressources of linux and linux-based computers to have
acces to windows-ressources.

> Mis avant tout ceux-ci doivent être authentifier par un contrôleur
> principal de domaine qui est donc une machine linux.

Above all, this must authenticate against a PDC, which is on
a linux-machine.

> Si avec samba cela n'est pas possible,proposez-moi les
> outils qui peuvent m'aider pour resoudre mon problème

If this ain't possible with samba, please propose tools which
can help me to solve my problem.

> Je suis vraiment accablé et je suis bloqué au niveau
> de la proposition des solutions.

I'm really downcast and I'm blocked (stuck?) at the level of
proposing any solutions.

> repondez-moi s'il vous plait.

Please answer me.


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