[Samba] samba : path too deep error

Thierry Masson massonth at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 6 01:27:03 GMT 2002

I saw lot of mail about the error message "path too deep" with Samba.
I got also this problem in my Company and we had trouble to fix it.

This is not related to Samba itself. This is a problem on the network physical layer.
If our 3COM network adapter on the PC is configured by default as 'Hardware Default' and our CISCO swith port is also configured as automatic, we got general network problems with lot of 'path too deep' errors (not only for Samba but also for FTP, ...).

We fix that simply by setting BOTH the PC network adapter as '100Mbits/full Duplex' and  the CISCO switch port with '100 Mbits/full Duplex'.

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Solvay Information Services
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