[Samba] permissions issue

eric eric.linux at t-online.de
Sat Jul 6 00:25:03 GMT 2002


Does the smbmnt file's permissions include Set UID?

Everytime I mounted the WinME machine to my home directory in Linux the files 
showed up as root root.  Once I changed smbmnt's UID the problem was solved.

Hope this helps!


On Friday 05 July 2002 20:58, Jason Venkiteswaran wrote:
> hi all,
> i've got a linux (2.4.28) running samba (2.2.3a).  it serves to
> people in my lab (all windows, win98 and win2k) and people outside
> of my lab (all windows, win98, winme and win2k).  inside the lab all
> computers log into the network as the user 'doclab'.  outside of the
> lab people log into the network as their unique userid.
> the problem arises when the user 'doclab/ creates a file inside one
> of the user's home directories (e.g. /home/jjvenkit that's me).  we
> want the 'doclab' user to be able to do this (ip address is
> restricted to machines inside the lab) AND we want the ownership of
> that file to remain with the owner of the home directory (e.g.
> jjvenkit).  that's the problem--when 'doclab' creates a file the
> user is incorrect on it and therefore the people outside of the lab
> can't modify file in their own home directory.
> currently this is how things are set-up:
> [users]
>    path = /home
>    comment = My Documents aka Home Directories
>    writable = yes
>    public = no
>    create mask = 0660
>    force create mode = 0660
>    directory mask = 6770
>    force directory mode = 6770
>    valid users = doclab
>    hosts allow = localhost
> on the filesystem:
> /home		root.root	0775
> /home/%u	%u.doclab	6770
> where the group doclab has only the userdoc lab in it.
> does anybody have any suggestions on what i can try?
> thanks very much,
> jason.

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