[Samba] NT 4.0 Workstation Services not starting Error 1221

Victor, Francois Francois.Victor at icn.siemens.com
Fri Jul 5 13:10:03 GMT 2002

I am trying to use Samba 2.2.2 with Solaris 8 and Win NT 4.0.  Why would we
get Error 1221: The workgroup or domain name is already in use by another
computer on the network.  If they are connected via a hub (by themselves)?

After entering the client name and IP in the /nis/hosts table restarting yp,
ypcat -k hosts shows the new clients host name and IP.  (We entered the
trust account, username and did smbpasswd for client and user).  On the
client changing the domain to sparcy, we get "welcome to sparcy domain", you
need to reboot.  After the reboot if you wait about 30 sec before login (or
you can try login and get interrupted by the message), we get a message that
one of the services did not start "see event viewer", which leads to the
Workstation Service.  Starting it manually we get Error 1221: The workgroup
or domain name is already in use.

We did get logged in once by moving the Server and client from a corporate
network to a hub, trying to eliminate the possibility of duplicate names.
We were able to see the Z: drive (Unix home directory), read files from it,
put files on it and all of this was visible for the Unix side too.  Which
seams to be the object here, only after this should we try to use an
application on the server.

At the moment some of my colleagues are getting to use the application, but
NO Z: drive, which tells me something is not working right.  They only log
on to the local client, that is after switching to the domain and getting
"welcome to xyz domain", they reboot but do not logon to the domain?  (They
also get the "One or more services did not start" but ignores it!)

Then we tried to change the name of the client (to eliminate the duplicate
name problem), well it all went down hill form here.

In the end the Client was rebuild, server and client put back on the hub,
with no success.

I know we are asking you to look in to a crystal ball here, but what can we
be doing wrong?

C: 561 289 3728.

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