[Samba] permissions issue

Jason Venkiteswaran jjvenkit at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jul 5 12:00:02 GMT 2002

hi all,

i've got a linux (2.4.28) running samba (2.2.3a).  it serves to
people in my lab (all windows, win98 and win2k) and people outside
of my lab (all windows, win98, winme and win2k).  inside the lab all
computers log into the network as the user 'doclab'.  outside of the
lab people log into the network as their unique userid.

the problem arises when the user 'doclab/ creates a file inside one
of the user's home directories (e.g. /home/jjvenkit that's me).  we
want the 'doclab' user to be able to do this (ip address is
restricted to machines inside the lab) AND we want the ownership of
that file to remain with the owner of the home directory (e.g.
jjvenkit).  that's the problem--when 'doclab' creates a file the
user is incorrect on it and therefore the people outside of the lab
can't modify file in their own home directory.

currently this is how things are set-up:
   path = /home
   comment = My Documents aka Home Directories
   writable = yes
   public = no
   create mask = 0660
   force create mode = 0660
   directory mask = 6770
   force directory mode = 6770
   valid users = doclab
   hosts allow = localhost

on the filesystem:
/home		root.root	0775
/home/%u	%u.doclab	6770 

where the group doclab has only the userdoc lab in it.

does anybody have any suggestions on what i can try?

thanks very much,

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