[Samba] Weird thing.

Jay Ts jay at metran.cx
Thu Jul 4 16:51:34 GMT 2002

> I found that I couldn't browse anything on network neighbourhood from any of
> the machines and looking at the log files it appears that a windows98
> machine managed to elect itself local master.
> I have got the usual:

No you don't. :-)

>     local master = yes
>    domain master = yes
>  preffered master = yes

If that is actually what you have in your smb.conf, then you misspelled
preferred master.  This alone would explain why the Win98 system is the
local master, because if the preferred master parameter is not set, then
Samba may not initiate an election for master browser when it starts up,
and therefore not be able to win.  Run testparm and see if there are any
other errors.  Also, you can set the os level parameter to something large,
like this:

	os level = 65

You shouldn't really need this to win over Win98, since Samba's default
os level is 20, whereas Win98's is just 1.  Also, make sure you've set
your workgroup properly in your smb.conf.

Jay Ts
jay at jayts.cx

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