[Samba] WinXP needs a lot of time to read files from Samba Share

tho.r at gmx.net tho.r at gmx.net
Thu Jul 4 09:51:02 GMT 2002


After installing a SuSE 8.0 Enterprise with Samba 2.2.3a, I've a lot of trouble
with accessing files on my configured Samba shares.
If I want to open a file on one of the shares with a double click in the Windows
Explorer (WinXP) it needs exactly 50 seconds (!!!) to REALY open that file. If I
use an application - the file will be open immediatly. Another problem is, that
I've now the same problem with files on my Windows XP harddisc. If I close any
samba share on Win XP - anything is fine, but after reconnecting to the server
the problems come back.
Under Win98 I don't have any problems with the Samba shares - it must be a
Win2000/WinXP problem.

OK, there is a FAQ at samba.org, that there is a problem with 2.2.0 and
Win2000/WinXP. But I'm using 2.2.3a.
And I'm using my old smb.conf from a Debian distribution with 2.2.3a without any
changes (and that configuration works fine with WinXP). I tried to compile Samba
2.2.5 - no problem, but I cannot start the daemon (exit code 255 without any
error message).
I'm a little bit frustrated...

Here is the config file:

>   workgroup = LAN
>   netbios name = MARS
>   server string = LAN Server
>   interfaces = eth0
>   security = share
>   log file = /var/log/samba.log.%m
>   max log size = 50
>   socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_KEEPALIVE SO_RCVBUF=8192 \
>                    SO_SNDBUF=8192 SO_KEEPALIVE SO_REUSEADDR
>   dns proxy = No
>   wins support = No
>   guest account = thoralf
>   read only = No
>   guest only = Yes
>   guest ok = Yes
>   hosts allow =
>   hosts deny =
>   comment = Temp-Arbeitsverzeichnis
>   path = /data/tmp

Can somebody help me?


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