[Samba] tail -f doesn't work on a smbfs mount

Chavez Gutierrez, Freddy fchavez at intercorp.com.pe
Thu Jul 4 07:09:04 GMT 2002

I mount a WinNT share using a samba client version 2.2.5:
  smbmount -t smbfs -o username=user //ntserver/share  /logs

Then I want to watch a log generated by Internet Information
Server (IIS) that grows continually:
  tail -f /logs/zzz.txt

I can see the last lines in file zzz.txt the first time, but I 
don't get the new lines that are appended in such file. From any
windows station I have no problem seeing the file zzz.txt updated.
I tried "tail --follow /logs/zzz.txt" and doesn't work either.

If I umount then mount again, I can see the new lines in the file.

I have to say that IIS block the file zzz.txt against write,
but permit read that file.

Thanks for your help.
Freddy Chavez.
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