[Samba] using links makes troubles

Hitzler Ronald r.hitzler at flughafen-linz.at
Thu Jul 4 06:34:03 GMT 2002


Following situation (using Samba 2.2.3a):
We have a script which creates unix links in the users home dir's. Which
links it creates depends on the user's groups.

For example: If a user is member of group "import" it creates a link to
And if a users is member of group "export" it creates a link to /data/export
Then we map his home to a drive letter and depending on the users groups he
several sub-dirs in his home, which are actually links (Windows doesn't
them as links - it just shows subdirs).

This worked perfectly using Samba 2.0.6. 
But we have seriuous troubles using 2.2.3. Some files can't be opened at
others are sometimes not accessable.

Does anyone know if Samba has problems if there are links in shared

Ronald Hitzler

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