[Samba] Problem with permissions

ganja ganja at 0x63.nu
Thu Jul 4 03:53:02 GMT 2002

Hi all,
this may be a very stupid question but I just don't really get it.
We are two consultants from two different companies working for a custom er
and are having a problem that we just can't solve, the other consultant is
blaming samba and I want to prove him wrong.

The thing we are looking at right now is that I have a chmoded 777 directory
but in NT4 it appears with:
Everyone (All)(O)
group (All)(All)
user (All)(All)

What I have found the O-bit means no access? So no access on directories then?
create/directory mode is set to 0777 in the smb.conf-file and security mode
is 0 (both for create and directory).

Though we can access this directory, it's just IE behaving strange when
trying to access Temporary Internet Files, I don't really believe that it's
here the problem is, but can I in any way get Everyone:All,All-access?

Thanks in advance.


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