[Samba] static WINS entries

IOhannes zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Thu Jul 4 03:50:11 GMT 2002

hi !

i have searched the BROWSING.txt but have found nothing (but maybe it 
was just there, and i didn't see):

i have a small (15-20 hosts) network with mostly w2k-clients (and few 
NT4 machines)
my 2.2.4-samba-server works as an ldap-based PDC with WINS-support enabled.

now my question is: is it possible to keep part of the wins-database (on 
my debian-system this is in a file /var/cache/samba/browse.dat) constant 
? the file is written every 5 minutes or so, and all changes are lost, 
although the changes i make by hand are displayed correctly in the 
client's browse-list until the file is restored by the nmbd.
i would like some lasting control over the database.
for example, when i rename a w2k-client on the windoze-side, both the 
old and the new name will be visible in the browse-list. (due to the 
time-out of these entries)
however, i do know, that the old name is invalid, and so i want it to be 
deleted: i remove the line from the browse.dat file.
i switch to my win-client, refresh the display, and the old name is gone 
! 5 minutes later, it is there again (although the client will not 
announce itself any more with the old name -- at least i hope so)

furthermore i would like to set the comments forthe clients in the 
browse-list. This can of course be done via a registry entry on the 
appropriate client. (Hell, why does M$ make it so hard to change the 
comment of a client, while the name can be changed so easily ??)
Since i do hate windoze and my comments are likely to change often, i 
would prefer a centralized solution (on the linux/samba-PDC side)
i can add a comment in the browse.dat-file, but of course it is deleted 
on the next update-run.

a related query: it would be great, if the browsing-list could be fed 
via the ldap-server.
Since i need my machine trust account anyhow, why not provide 
information like IP-address and comments via the ldap too ??
is this possible ?
stupid ?


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