[Samba] Name resolution problems

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Wed Jul 3 22:09:02 GMT 2002

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> Hi,
> My problem to use lmhosts is:  My network has 650 machines on it.
> I'm using such IPs,,,
>, and
> I'm running DHCP already on my LINUX box.
> So, what's your advise?
> Do I have to use, BIND, DNS anything else, or just SAMBA?

What are your PC's using now for name resolution?  using a DNS server
The current version DHCP server should have options to automatically
update a DNS server, and SAMBA can forward WINS requests to DNS if the
answer isn't in the WINS database.  but you'll have to check the docs
for the correct options to use.

If you are using Win2000 for your DHCP server, it also can automatically
update the windows DNS and WINS databases.

If all (or most, anyway) of your PCs are getting their IPs via DHCP, you
can add the WINS server address to the DHCP settings so you won't have
to touch all the PCs.

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