[Samba] Retaining Win2k ACL during backup

Wayne Chan wayne at maxworth.com.sg
Wed Jul 3 22:00:05 GMT 2002


I would like to seek your kind assistance with the following.

I have a Win2k PDC and a Linux server with Samba-2.2.5 install.

Currently, in order to retain the ACL setting in the Win2K, I am using the
default "Backup" software that comes with Win2K to schedule the daily
backup. After completion, the scheduled task will copy the bkf file to the
Linux Server and in turn, the Linux server has a scheduled time to gzip the
bkf file. Please note that I am doing a copy instead of move because I want
a duplicate copy of the backup file

For your info, to date, the bkf file is about 1.8G and after gzipped, it is
about 700M.

So, in order to conserve this 1.8G of Harddisk space in the Win2k Server, I
am looking into the Tar (smbtar) command.

AFAIK,  from the Linux Server, we can do a "smbclient //SERVER/share -U
administrator%password -Tc xx" to create a Tar backup of the
directories/files from win2k server to the Linux server.

However, after much reading and testing, I am quite certain that Win2K ACL
settings of the directories/files are not retain during the Tar backup.

My question is : Is there a way to backup the win2k directories/files to the
Linux server while retaining the Win2K ACL settings?

Thank you.

(PS: I am not subscribe to the lists. Please cc to me when reply.)

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