[Samba] win 2k logon problem

Dmitry Voronov dvoronov at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Jul 3 19:31:02 GMT 2002

So you can't even do a local login? No offense but did you check your 
caps lock?


Tyler Durdin wrote:

> I have a network that is on a domain called administration. I have 
> been setting up a new network for the computers on Administration that 
> will run on a domain called ohioprincipals (controlled by a Samba 
> Primary Domain Controller). The administration domain is run on an NT4 
> server and all of the clients are Windows 2000 machines. I have my new 
> network pretty much up and ready to switch over. My first test was on 
> a windows 2000 machine that was on the NT4 administration network. I 
> ran the network ID wizard under My Computer--Identification and put in 
> all of the relevant info to join my new domain (had to change the 
> computer name). Everything seemed to go okay and it told me to restart 
> the computer. When I restarted the computer I got the win 2k logon 
> screen with a choice of logon to the new computer name or the new 
> domain. I selected the new domain put in my information and clicked 
> enter. Everything went okay until all of the sudden i got an error 
> message that said something like windows could not locate your profile 
> ERROR: Access Denied. So I tried connecting a computer that was NOT on 
> the previous network (administration) and everything worked perfectly 
> and I logged right on w/no error message. So, now I am thinking there 
> may be a problem with the Windows 2000 machine because it was already 
> on another domain (and controlled by another primary domain 
> controller). It will not even let me log into the computer at all. 
> When i try logging into the network I get that error message, when i 
> try logging on with the new computer name instead of the domain (those 
> are my only 2 choices) none of the username and passwords are 
> accepted. I must say I am stumped. Is there anyway to fix this? If not 
> is there anyway to get the files off of the drive or anyway around the 
> login screen? If anyone can point me in the right direction or just 
> tell me what i need to do i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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