[Samba] Name resolution problems

Rashkae rashkae at wealthmap.ca
Wed Jul 3 18:50:04 GMT 2002

In that case, you most certainly want to use Wins....

You need to decide one computer to be a Wins Server (this can be Win NT,
Win 2000 (XP pro?) or Samba),  all other conputers (including any Samba
Servers or clients)  are then given this computer's IP address as the Wins
Server.  The rest should work like magic.

Jul 3  10:04pm
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On Wed, 3 Jul 2002, PsYLinuX wrote:


My problem to use lmhosts is:  My network has 650 machines on it.
I'm using such IPs,,,, and
I'm running DHCP already on my LINUX box.

So, what's your advise?
Do I have to use, BIND, DNS anything else, or just SAMBA?


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Marcos Azevedo

I have not failed 10,000 times, I have successfully  found 10,000 ways that
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> This shouldnb't be any problem. I don't know about PDC's but a wins
> server is simple with samba. Invoke the proper parameters in your global
> section and you should be ok.
> Read about wins in smb.conf. (It says not to use wins support unless you
> have a multisubnet network, but, I don't understand that.) Do you really
> need a wins server? Would just broadcasting for netbios names do it?
> There are a lot of ways to do name resolution, BTW. You could just put
> all the names into lmhosts files, if you wanted to and didn't have a
> big network. Whatever works.
> Joel
> On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 05:22:21PM -0300, PsYLinuX wrote:
> > Hi, everybody
> >
> > I've just got this problem. On my network I have one SQL Server DATABASE
running in my NT Server. This is not a PDC, just a SQL Server.
> > I'm trying to set up a Domain Control using SAMBA server which is runnig
in my Linux RH 7.3 BOX. So the problem is:
> >
> > I need to use name resolution, like WINS. Because my windowdos 98
clients find the DATABASE server by name, as well as another machines on my
> >
> > How can it be done, using just LINUX ???
> >
> > Do I need to use any another application as DNS or BIND, or just SAMBA
can solve my problem???
> >
> > Thanks a lot!!!
> >
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> >
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> > Intel +
> >
> >
> > PsYLinuX
> > Marcos Azevedo
> >
> > I have not failed 10,000 times, I have sucessfully found 10,000 ways
that won't work." -- Thomas A. Edison

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