[Samba] Occasional problem with hanging SMB mounts.

Kris Kelley skunkworx at kingwoodcable.com
Wed Jul 3 15:06:07 GMT 2002

Rashkae wrote:
> This would appear to me as though Samba is having trouble finding the
> W2K server in question when it wants to re-connect.  The default
> nameresolve order = lmhosts host wins bcast
> might be the cause of your problem...
> In the likely event that I've completely misunderstood the problem,
> I apologize in advance.

I believe you understood, and I appreciate the suggestion.  It doesn't
look like I enabled support for WINS look-ups, so I'll have to stick
with DNS for now.  I think I have found the answer, or at least have
gotten closer to it, but again, thank you for the input!

---Kris Kelley

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