[Samba] Samba with revalidate, posibile bug!

Iulian Mihaescu imihaescu at hotpop.com
Wed Jul 3 14:13:12 GMT 2002

Hello Samba experts,

I have a simple problem: i tried to use according to ch06_03.html manual
page, directive revalidate in smb.conf config file.

In smb.conf, i use directive security = share, but for a particular
share (grant aces with user and pass) i want to use revalidate = yes
option. The problem is that this feature is not working!

1. i used testparm to check the smb.conf file, and it said that: bad
sintax..... revalidate = yes in config file, ignoring.

2. First time when its share is accessed from a win98 computer, the
password is checked and memored. 

3. In ch06_03.html i can read:

For other shares, Samba appends the username to a list of users who are
allowed access to the share. It then attempts to validate the password
given in association with that username. If successful, Samba grants the
user access to the share with the rights assigned to that user. The user
will not need to authenticate again unless a revalidate = yes option has
been set inside the share.

In conclusion: is a bug or this feature is disabled for this time in
this version? I checked also the latest 2.2.5 version and the same

Exist any posibility to re-authenticate users each time it try to access
a shared resource?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Iulian Mihaescu

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