[Samba] Occasional problem with hanging SMB mounts.

Kris Kelley skunkworx at kingwoodcable.com
Wed Jul 3 14:09:01 GMT 2002

I wrote:
> > Every so often, one of the servers, LINUX-ONE, logs a couple of
> > Samba-related errors.  The following is an example:
> >
> >    Jun 30 06:30:45 mx-two kernel: smb_trans2_request: result=-104,
> >       setting invalid
> >    Jun 30 06:30:45 mx-two kernel: smb_retry: successful,
> >       new pid=553, generation=25

Urban Widmark replied:
> Those are not really errors ...

I didn't think they were, but I wanted to include everything I was
seeing in case it shed light on the problem I really was having.
Thank you for clarifying what the lines mean, though.

> The current smbfs version is completely single threaded on one mount
> and while one process is sending (and receiving) no one else can do
> anything.

> What has probably happened is that one request has attempted to send
> something. It fails, but the apparent time it takes for a -110
> failure is a lot longer than a -104. Because of the single thread
> issue nothing happens while this is waiting so you get high load.

I understand, thank you!  The question now becomes, what caused the
operation to time out?  Could it still have something to do with the
server dropping an inactive connection, perhaps at the same time this
operations was attempted?  If so, setting up a script to keep the
connection alive should still help, correct?

> > Why does this happen?  Is this a known issue with Samba 2.2.4?
> Yes, with the kernel, nothing to do with samba.


> > ...I need to know what the inactivity time-out limit is, so
> > this script doesn't have to run more often than necessary.
> It's a server side setting. I believe NT (and win2k?) uses:
> HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters\
>    autodisconnect
> -1 to 65535 minutes

Found it!  Looks like it's 15 minutes on this Windows box.

I appreciate the help!

---Kris Kelley

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