[Samba] smbclient can't find this new XP

Paul Huffman huffmanp at yakama.com
Wed Jul 3 11:53:02 GMT 2002

No,  there's no wins server.  I have this XP in a weird halfway network state
because I just can't get in the Microsoft mindset.   I set up TCP/IP manually,  and
can reach all my samba drives and all the shares in PCs in my workgroup,  but the XP
isn't really part of the workgroup.  The workgroup PCs don't find it in their
workgroup list and the samba server smbclient can't hit it.  But when I go through
the steps to use an XP wizard to join a workgroup,  the wizard appears to strip out
tcp/ip and leaves the XP unconnected from the internet, the samba drives and the
workgroup.  Or leaves the XP in a frozen state that won't shut down or restart,  or
even refused several times to do System Restore.  And Microsoft is no. 1 in the
world in OSs,  why is that?

Do I need to System Restore back to a point where I can first let a wizard add
windows networking, then join a workgroup, then "connect to the internet"  which
seems to be the MS way of adding TCP/IP?

Joel Hammer wrote:

> Is there a wins server specificied in your smb.conf ?
> Try looking up other hosts besides paulxp with the -R option if you aren't
> sure.
> Joel
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