[Samba] Can not map to my samba server from windows

Rob Kurz rob.kurz at natdistco.com
Wed Jul 3 11:00:37 GMT 2002

This worked great last time I figured what do I have to loose...

I can mount to myself  mount -t //sambaserver/dir /test/samba
this works fine...I even have username and passwords going through a win 
nt box.

When I'm on a winnt4.x box I see sambaserver in the browse list but when 
I enter a "net view \\sambaserver" I get :

No service is operating at the destination network endpoint on the 
remote system....

I'm on the same domain and subnet...It's like I'm not answering the request

Also on the sambaserver if I enter a "smbclient -L sambaserver" I get a 
valid list of shares...

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