[Samba] What's up with this

Rob Kurz rob.kurz at natdistco.com
Wed Jul 3 07:23:29 GMT 2002

OK...Back ground...
Wins server is nt4
client is redhat 7.3 latest and greatest samba 2.2

ok I work in a large network.1000 plus pcs in multiple subnets...
I got rid of windows on my desktop and I am trying to get samba working 
with all those win9X,2000,NT boxes....

I see myself on the browse list but can not do a net view on any winx 
box to my linux box.

I can nblookup windows pcs from my linux box on default subnet and 
across subnets but can not lookup myself except on local loop....

I can use smbclient to connect to windows boxes from my linux box but
can not mount -t smbfs //winxbox/sharename /tmp/winxx I get:

excvp of smbmount failed. error was no such file or directory.smbmount 
failed 1

I can get to it with smbclient but not mount...what's up with that...I 
can see it on browse list of my windows box but can not connect...Help me...

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