[Samba] lpresume vs queueresume

Tom.Klopf at mms.gov Tom.Klopf at mms.gov
Wed Jul 3 06:03:03 GMT 2002

I use queuepause and queueresume for mapping the "pause" option in windows
for a printer. It's works fine:

queuepause = lpc stop %p
queueresume = lpc start %p

(This is with LPRng)

I believe lppause and lpresume is for holding individual jobs (not entire
queues like queuepause/resume).  Lpc has a switch called "hold" which applys
to individual jobs. 


lpc hold myprinter at myserver jobid (where jobid is the numeric id of the

I think release is the opposite of hold, but you'll have to experiment.

If you right-click on a particular job on a printer in windows, and select
"pause", this is what the lppause/resume is for.

BTW, someone correct me if I'm wrong here :)

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What are the recommended uses of lpresume vs. queueresume or lppause vs.
Should one set be favored over the other in some circumstances?
What exactly are the differences in the lp set vs. the queue set?
Should both sets be used?
Do any of them get called successfully from a Windows client?


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