[Samba] Problems with odd characters in filenames on smbmounted Win95 share

Keith G. Murphy keithmur at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 2 09:20:13 GMT 2002

Keith G. Murphy wrote:

> I'm having problems with some Win95 files that have things like 
> copyright characters in the filenames.  For example, when I try to copy 
> such a file using the name that shows up in the 'ls' listing, I get 
> "file not found".  The funky characters get translated to underscores in 
> the listing.
> Adding 'character set = iso8859-1' to smb.conf does *not* help.
> I'm using the smbfs that comes with Linux 2.4.18.  This problem only 
> started occurring when I upgraded the kernel from 2.2.19, but I don't 
> see any relevant options that could have changed.

To answer my own question to some degree (for posterity):

I think that the characters are getting translated on the Win95 side 
into Codepage 437 (or something similar), replacing the "out-of-band" 
characters with underscores, because a Win98 machine looking at the same 
share sees exactly the same thing and has exactly the same problems as 
smbfs and smbmount on Linux.  That is further supported by the fact that 
underscores are used, because I think the Samba code uses something else 
(question marks?).

Still not sure why I started seeing this when I did.  I first noticed it 
on backups, so it might have been because of a gzip upgrade (gzip got 
some more error checking), or something else.

> I'd also love to know how you can tell which codepage the Windows server 
> is actually using, if that question makes sense.
I'd still like to know this.  And even how to change it, if possible...

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