[Samba] w2k accessing samba share

mike mike at bizittech.com
Tue Jul 2 08:09:02 GMT 2002


I have an issue with w2k(server or workstation) showing listing files 
included in a folder on a samba share. Samba is installed on a Rehat 7.2 
with a XFS patched 2.4.18 kernel . Although the list of files in the 
mentioned folder do not appear full in windows browser or even when accessed 
through a vb application changing to a dos prompt and a dir list all files 
.Samba is bound to the lo and a va0 - which is a virtual adapter created by 
teaming four intel nics and using intel's ANS . I have a fifth nic that is 
used for other services http,ftp, .. The environment has wins server and 
samba is configured as a domain member .The server is a dual pIII-733-xeon 
with 2GB of ram. 

Any Ideas 


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