[Samba] samba and remote office auth.

till at hardi-wa.net.au till at hardi-wa.net.au
Tue Jul 2 02:48:02 GMT 2002


I have a domain which is currently hosted on an NT4sp6 PDC. It currently
serves about 30 local users and about the same remote soon.

What we are planning on doing is offering tunneled access to the DMZ where
the machine is hosted, and using domain auth in each remote office, there
being 5 or 6 of them with aboyt 5 or 6 users in each.

I can just use samba, join the samba box to the domain and give it the
password server = DPMPDC line and settle for adding a few users and dirs
here and there.

I could use winbind and do neither.

I could make each remote office samba server a BDC and that way have some
sort of auth in each state if their link fails but it would replicate a
fairly large and useless number of extra users as few travel to each

Anyone got any bright ideas on what would possibly add a bit more
redundancy in the event of link failure?



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