[Samba] parsing fix for spoolss & samba-2.2.5

Ulrich Kohlhase kohlhase at cs.tu-berlin.de
Mon Jul 1 17:30:14 GMT 2002


> I'm having some trouble with saving printing settings, as 
> well. While the
> "printer admin" is free to save settings, such as duplex printing, any
> "non-printer admin" user is unable to get these settings from 
> the server.

The problem descriptions posted by others, especially Tom Klopf on Mon,
1 Jul 2002, exactly point to the error or better "lack of feature" after
upgrade to latest samba. Our setup is latest cvs samba version, SuSE
7.2, XFS, HP LaserJet 4000N and HP LaserJet 5M printers, in case thats
of any interest.
Connecting as printer admin works fine, all special driver settings
regarding additional paper tray, printer memory and so on are installed
by double click. Now, the strange thing is, whenever normal users try to
install the printers, printing queues depending on the printer drivers
extra feature (that is additional paper tray nr. 3 for example) are
installed with default settings.
For example:
- la4_tray1: queue points to tray 1, manual feed, high resolution -> no
- la4_tray2: queue points to tray 2 -> no problems
- la4_tray3: queue points to extra tray 3, reduced resolution, save
toner, recycle paper and so on -> default settings loaded
- la4_tray3_2on1: queue points to extra tray 3, reduced resolution, ...,
2 pages on 1 paper -> default settings loaded

I sure hope this description helps to getting the problem fixed, central
printer driver/queue settings for our department was a great feature we
all would love to see working again :-)

Thanks a lot for your and the samba teams great effort providing us with
very valuable software,
Ulrich Kohlhase

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