[Samba] SAMBA setting file permissions

C.J. Keist cjay at engr.colostate.edu
Mon Jul 1 08:10:27 GMT 2002

I'm pretty sure this is a SAMBA issue.

I have a strange problem when changing permissions on a file (ex. 
index.html) through Windows on a SAMBA share.
For example: All user files are accessed through SAMBA
Through W2K, I set the permission on my index.html file so that only the 
user has read/write and nothing for group and Everyone.
Now this should break my web page, but to my surprise it still loads!!! I 
check the permission of the file on the UNIX server, sure enough the 
index.html file shows mode 600. Hmmmm, next I check the to see what the 
perms look like on the Web server. Sure enough it shows mode 600 
too?!?!?!?! And yet the page still loads in my browser. So I restart 
Apache, the page still loads; I restart the nfs daemons on the web server, 
the page still loads; I make sure and empty my memory cache and disk cache 
on my browser, the page still loads!!!!
Its only after I do a "chmod 600 index.html" (in UNIX) again, that the page 
finally breaks and I get the 403 error.  One other test I did was to 'su' 
to the apache user.  Even though the index.html file was mode 600 it could 
still read the file.  But again after doing a "chmod 600" in UNIX then the 
apache user could not read the file.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? This happens on SAMBA shares for both 
Linux and Solaris.

Apache version: 1.3.19
SAMBA version: 2.2.5
Linux: RH 7.2
Solaris 8

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