[Samba] Samba problems with capitals letters.

Baudilio Glez QenK bgcqenk at cubasi.cu
Mon Jul 1 06:35:02 GMT 2002

Hello Mr. Terpsta:

We are using Samba on our Linux RedHat Servers (7.2 and 7.3), its main
purpose is making backups from Windows 2000 Advance Server to our Linux tape
backup devices.

Samba works very good (perfomance included), but (always a but ...) we are
in troubles with some files. We are spanish-speaking users, and our language
have accents in lower and upper case, in files with lower cases (with accent
or not), samba works very good; but when we try to access to a file, that
have accents on capital letters, samba fails in this access.

For example "Investigación sobre literatura.doc" works very good, but
"INVESTIGACIÓN SOBRE LITERATURA.DOC" fails in the access (Check the ó and

I take note that in last versions Samba has fixed many problems in access
with no-english languages, and I´m sure that this small problem can be
solved in the near future. Can you help me in any way to solve this problem
?, any hint ?, any address for help ?

For your reference, we are using RedHat 7.2, kernel 2.4.9-31smp, samba
2.2.4-2, and amanda 2.4.2p2-4 as backup sofware (we tried smbclient and
failed too, then the problem is not from amanda). We found samba 2.2.5
recently  and tried it too, but again failed in the same point).

Thanks in advance


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